New Release: WOLF CANYON

New release, WOLF CANYON, is now available to buy own Amazon and free to read on Kindle Unlimited.

Wolf Canyon 3DDrea Dean owns and runs a wolf sanctuary inherited from her father and her father’s father before him. She has an affinity with the untamed wolves she loves and uses her talent to maintain their wellbeing and protection. But, now they’re being threatened by a corporation who wants to steal the land that has been in her family possession for generations.

Money and power outweigh love and compassion, especially with the law on the corporations payroll. The future looks bleak for Drea and her wolves, and she has no other option than to take a gamble on what may be their one last hope. The whispers of a wolfman who lives in the woods. A man who can’t be bought. A man who won’t care about taking a civilized approach.

Mav may be even wilder than the wolves, but behind his rough exterior lies a warrior whose willing to do whatever it takes to make things right, especially when more than the wolves steal his heart. Together, they’ll tame each other and take on the civilized corruption that threatens to destroy the only home and family they have ever known.

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Reading is Reading…right?

Reading is reading…right?

Well, apparently not, according to some. 

Recently I spotted an argument on social media. The crux of the main post was everyone should read, no matter if it’s an hour a day or ten minutes, but there’s something for everyone.

Personally, I agree with the sentiment. Of course, I do understand that not everyone has the time to take a break and read for any significant amount of time, but I do believe, whatever you read, it keeps our minds sharp and our imagination active.SA new front 3D

However, the argument I followed for a little while seemed to blow out of proportion. There were people with the same perspective as me (and why wouldn’t there be when I’m right all the time? Just ask Tim 😉 he’ll tell you lol), but there were a lot of people with a completely different take on the matter.





What was their opinion? I hear you ask.




Well, they seemed to think that if you weren’t reading a novels then you weren’t actually reading.


Confused? Well, so was I, because, apparently, if you read comics or magazines your entertaining yourself but you aren’t reading.


So, I have to give my two pennies worth to the people that think that way. Personally, I think you’re wrong and here’s why…

  1. Not everyone that reads a book will read a novel. Some, who have limited time, would rather read non-fiction or self help books they learn from.
  2. Others don’t have any time in their day when they’re looking after sick loved ones, or chasing after small children, so they might choose a comic or magazine to read because it affords them the time to be able to jump up at a moments notice.
  3. Yet more read newspapers, which give them the chance to read and also keep up with current events and the news in their areas.


So, come on people, let everyone read what they want to read. After all, it’s reading no matter what it is they chose. It’s still the written word. Heck, even a leaflet is text on paper and you have to read it to acquire all the details.

Reading is reading. Full stop!



Returned and Reunited on Kindle Unlimited

Returned and Reunited, Wolf Moon Investigations book, is now on kindle unlimited, and is also the book on which our screenplay COLD FURY is based.

Rand R Cover new 3D

Ann Moon is from Wales. She is strong and stubborn with a Celtic firebrand temper to match.

Mark Waya is an Oklahoma private investigator specializing in missing children, who likes to show a little bit of the wolf.

When Ann’s niece is kidnapped on vacation in Oklahoma, Ann will make the long journey to this faraway place and nothing, and no-one, will stand in the way of her finding the little girl.

Due to his specialized skill set, Mark is brought in by the local law enforcement to take the case, and soon realizes he won’t be working alone.

Neither of them have met before the heart-wrenching series of events, yet, somehow, they know each other. Feeling an instant connection from the moment they meet they form a bond as old as time.

Can these two lovers find each other in time to find the missing child?

Has an age long love returned to reunite them?

Tag along for the first case in the Wolf Moon investigation series to find out.



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